Hat making scene
Avins Yard
Long Street
Market Place
Market Tavern


100 Years of Atherstone Project

Exhibition 3 - People of Atherstone

This exhibition explored people of Atherstone, although Atherstone did not have any really famous people, but we did have a
well known artist, some well known sports personalities and people who had made a difference to the town. We also had photos and explanations of people from Atherstone who had lost there lives during the Great War and world war two. There is a booklet to download in pdf format, please click here to begin the download.



Exhibition 2 - Industrial Atherstone.

This exhibition looked at how the architecture of the town has changed over the 100 years, and surprisingly how much of the
old buildings still remained along Long Street and surrounding town. To view a pdf document please click here


Exhibition 1 - Industrial Atherstone.

This exhibition was on 100years of Industry in Atherstone and had areas of display showing mining, hat making, beer making,
lemonade making and Tanning. These industries were important to the prosperity of the town. To view a pdf document then please click here.


A Brief History
Battle of Bosworth
Ball Game
Roman Fort
100 years of Atherstone Project