Here we are displaying options to view Artefacts. Take a virtual tour where you control the images and we have added text to associate with the image you are viewing. There is also a virtual tour where you can use the keyboard cursor keys to rotate the object, to achieve this virtual tour you will need to download the 3DVIA Player which can be accessed by clicking on this link.  Go to 3DVIA Player

Many different objects have been excavated from the area around Mancetter Roman Fort. The objects featured are part of the Warwickshire Museum collections. A selection of these have been reconstructed using state of the art 3D techniques to allow you to examine them as an archaeologist might. Select an object from the list opposite and a new window will open containing the object.

Install the Viewer
To view the find in 3 dimensions you will need to download the Virtools Web Player. If you are using IE (with XP/SP2), downloading may be blocked! You need to click on the bar at the top of the browser window (that states that the downloading is blocked) and choose "Allow Blocked Content".

If the download does not start automatically download the player from here.

Artefacts you can view are listed here. Please click on the item name to view the article.

Iron Armour Scale
Bronze Buckle
Iron Age Coin
Mark Anthony Coin
Large Bronze Coin
Nero Coin
Vitellius Coin
Constantine Coin
Coarseware Pot
Eye Beads
Gaming Counters
Pillar Moulded Glass Bowl
Glass Jar
Coarseware Handled Jar
Coarseware Handled Jug
Faience Melon Bead
Samian Ware Platter
Samian Ware Bowl
Dagger Scabbard Fittings

Hat making scene
Avins Yard
Long Street
Market Place
Market Tavern